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event & eventchen Heidelberg and the kmte Heidelberg GmbH are our “children of the heart” and offer pretty much everything that makes Heidelberg special. With love for the city we plan city, castle and adventure tours and also those with “icing on the cake” directly on, but also off the beaten track – exclusive, original and always individual!

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Exclusive city tour of Heidelberg!

The world-famous castle ruins with their legendary history, the lively old town with its medieval, winding alleys, but also the unbelievably beautiful location of the city on the banks of the Neckar, surrounded by hills and forests – Heidelberg enchants millions of visitors time and again. However, not only the city centre of Heidelberg, but also the nearby Odenwald, the Neckar valley and the Palatinate are always worth a visit.

Our experienced tour guides will accompany you and your family, friends and business clients on exciting discovery tours through Heidelberg and the Heidelberg region and also show you the city from its most beautiful perspective. They are available in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Swedish or Greek.

About us

With our family business event & eventchen Heidelberg, which was founded in 2002, we look back on many years of experience in the field of professional city and adventure tours. At the end of 2017 the kmte Heidelberg GmbH (Kahlig, Miltner, Tourismus und Events in Heidelberg) joined the company, which offers specially designed tours for river cruising guests.

Growing up in Heidelberg and having lost our heart to this unique city on the river Neckar, we would like to inspire our customers with event & eventchen Heidelberg and kmte Heidelberg GmbH every time anew and provide them an unforgettable stay in Heidelberg.

Give joy as a gift!

Every year… Comes not only the Christ Child, but also the pre-Christmas gift stress. We have an extraordinary gift idea for you: the experience voucher from event & eventchen! Join us on a culinary tour through Heidelberg’s beautiful Old Town including exciting anecdotes & stories and a regional 3-course menu in two traditional Heidelberg restaurants, puzzle along on one of our exciting crime tours through the city or discover Heidelberg’s most beautiful places on a regular guided tour. Give your loved one an experience for all senses and memories for eternity this year.

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News from event & eventchen

Below you will find an overview of all our media appearances.

RNZ Summer tour

RNZ Summer tour We were there! Event & eventchen offered 20 readers from Heidelberg and the surrounding area a very special city tour. During the guided tour

We took part in the tour as part of a hen party on a beautiful spring day. The guided tour was very exciting! In addition to the thriller story there was plenty of interesting information about Heidelberg. Mrs. Kahlig showed a lot of enthusiasm and played her role (in a great costume) perfectly. We highly recommend the guided tour!

Tripadvisor rating, Student in Heidelberg found dead!

Guided tours aren’t always easy. Sometimes you get overwhelmed by numbers and sometimes you simply fall asleep. Neither one nor the other was the case with Mrs Kahlig. It was simply fun to learn about Heidelberg’s history here!

Tripadvisor rating, Regular & individual city and castle tours

It was wonderfully exciting, funny and informative to learn about some of the alleys in Heidelberg and the customs at the beginning of the 20th century (student prison etc.). Very lovingly prepared and carried out, with a costumed guided tour and a delicious sip of Wisdom Potion.

TripAdvisor rating, Student in Heidelberg found dead!

Funny, interesting, entertaining, informative, in short: PERFECT! Mrs. Kahlig does not only chat, she provides historical knowledge – not only numbers! Charmingly and captivatingly.

TripAdvisor rating, Culinarystroll through Heidelberg's old town

Books all about Heidelberg

When we are not at the castle, at the Old Bridge or on one of our adventure tours to the Kurpfalz, we take the time to use a pen and ink: Here you can see Susanne’s books on (almost) everything that has to do with the city of Heidelberg, its history and culture.

With a lot of heart! – Stories and anecdotes from Heidelberg

When “the leaders are sitting together” and you “chat” with each other, sooner or later you will hear the sentence: “You remember the time…? Inevitably, old Heidelberg stories follow, which are still topical because they are recounted again and again. New Heidelbergers can thus quickly find access to the heart and soul of the city. Who doesn’t remember Miltner’s Aral petrol station in Dossenheimer Landstraße, the Mecca for all those who wanted to have their car perfectly looked after? Didn’t you used to go bowling in the “Hutzelwald”? And do you remember how it was when the griffon vultures landed at the castle? This book was written with a lot of heart and love for Heidelberg for Heidelbergers to wallow in, for new Heidelbergers to get to know and for non-Heidelbergers to “feed”.


Alla hopp! – stories and anecdotes from Heidelberg

Alla hopp! By the time you say that, it will be over. Then it’s decided, then there’s no more fooling around, then you’re in Heidelberg and the Kurpfalz. Once the Heidelberger knows what he wants, there is no stopping him, as the numerous stories that Susanne Fiek presents to you in this book show. Do you remember the singing train driver from Pfaffengrund? Have you ever heard of kisses going on a journey? Do you know the Heidelberg Figaro? Did you know that technical feathers from Heidelberg were as well known in professional circles as the tulips from Amsterdam or that a Heidelberg cockerel can act like a dog? You see, ‘you wouldn’t have known that, would you?


Heidelberg – pictures that tell stories

Looking at the changes in Heidelberg, it is worthwhile to visit the world-famous castle ruins, the Old Bridge with its striking gate and the dreamy and bustling alleys of the old town to take a photographic look at the districts. Neuenheim, Handschuhsheim, Rohrbach, Wieblingen – all these incorporated villages were mentioned in documents at an earlier date as “Heydelberg” itself. Bergheim, Kirchheim, the Weststadt or the climatic health resort Ziegelhausen belong to the town as well as the young districts Pfaffengrund, Boxberg and the Emmertsgrund. The historical photos taken after the Second World War tell Heidelberg’s story – of the changes in the cityscape and the everyday life of the people.


Kurpfalz – the typical dishes of our childhood

Enjoyment and pleasure are very important in the Kurpfalz, something the little Kurpfälzer learns right from childhood. Granny’s “Kerscheplotzer”, “Hitzkuchen” on a trip to the Odenwald, “Verheierte”, “Hoorische bloe Knepp” or “Schnorrgiggl” bring back memories of childhood, and of course the asparagus from and around Schwetzingen in all possible variations is not to be missed. Stories like the one that mother had to prepare 120 steamed noodles to feed her family of eight are also included. Kurpfälzer from Heidelberg and Mannheim, Weinheim, Dossenheim, Schriesheim, Neckargemünd, Balzfeld and many other places allowed our author Susanne Fiek to take a look into their recipe books and provided the appropriate stories that will send you on an unexpected culinary journey back to your childhood.



Dark stories from Heidelberg – scary & beautiful

“I think of Heidelberg at night…” Yes, romantic Heidelberg can offer dark, scary and even spooky stories and events! A power failure during Advent, myriads of cute bats in the castle, a cemetery whose list of gravestones sounds like the “Who is Who” of the intellectual elite, dark ram, inspiring absinthe and much more awaits you in the 16 exciting stories in this book. In 1926 even a harmless walk in the Heidelberg city forest ended deadly for two mayors of Herford. Allow yourself to be surprised by Heidelberg’s dark, often completely unknown sides!


Heidelberg on foot – Discover the most beautiful sights on foot

As one of the few large cities that was not destroyed in the Second World War, the city on the Neckar offers, in addition to the famous Old Bridge and the castle, the longest shopping street in Germany at 1.6 kilometres. On ten tours, Susanne Kahlig takes her readers on foot through the old town, on the Philosophers’ Trail to Neuburg Abbey and by funicular railway to the Königstuhl. No matter whether 316 steps up to Heidelberg Castle and its gardens or into the city centre with its long-established shops and boutiques – “Heidelberg on foot” fulfils every wish.

A new addition to this current, completely revised edition is a tour of the Old Town specially adapted to the needs of visitors with limited mobility.


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