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Our family-owned company event & eventchen Heidelberg, founded in 2002, looks back on many years of experience in the area of professional city and experience tours. At the end of 2017, we also founded kmte Heidelberg GmbH (Kahlig, Miltner, Tourismus und Events in Heidelberg), which is over event & eventchen Heidelberg as the main company.

Having grown up in Heidelberg and having lost our hearts to this unique city on the Neckar, we would like to make our customers fall in love with Heidelberg every time they visit with event & eventchen Heidelberg and kmte Heidelberg GmbH, thereby giving them a memorable stay in Heidelberg.

„I lost my heart in Heidelberg”
(Fred Raymond, 1925)

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When we are not at the Castle, the Alte Brücke (Old Bridge) or on one of our experience tours, we like to take up ink and quill – Susanne’s books on (nearly) anything connected to the city of Heidelberg, its history and culture, can be found at:

„Mit ganz viel Herz!“
Geschichten und Anekdoten aus Heidelberg
Wartberg Verlag: ISBN 978-3-8313-2361-6

„Alla hopp!“
Geschichten und Anekdoten aus Heidelberg
Wartberg Verlag: ISBN 978-3-8313-2212-1

„Heidelberg – Bilder, die Geschichten erzählen“
Wartberg Verlag: ISBN 978-3-8313-2259-6

„Kurpfalz – Die Gerichte unserer Kindheit“
Wartberg Verlag: ISBN 978-3-8313-2203-9

„Dunkle Geschichten aus Heidelberg SCHÖN & SCHAURIG”
Wartberg Verlag: ISBN 978-3-8313-3232-8

„Heidelberg zu Fuß – Die schönsten Sehenswürdigkeiten zu Fuß entdecken“
Societäts Verlag: ISBN 978-3-95542-308-7

For many years, we have also been a member of….

The Heidelberger Gästeführer e.V.
The BVGD and
The Touristikgemeinschaft Kurpfalz e.V.


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