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The pearls of the vineyard

Criminalistic time travel

The Pfalz and the Kurpfalz on the left and right of the Rhine are among Germany's most beautiful regions - the most beautiful of all, if you ask the natives...
History at your fingertips, joie de vivre, an almost Mediterranean climate - and then, of course, wine, without which life here is unimaginable.
However, everything was almost destroyed by a tiny insect, phylloxera, in the middle of the 19th century, but the winegrowers acted...

100 years later, a vintner makes a gruesome discovery in his vineyard: the bones of a man near the oldest vine in the district. All of a sudden, the events come to a head: the local press pounces on the case, and it's not as if the locals are wordless and inactive in the face of the events. Old stories are dug up... and again and again there is talk of the pearls of the vineyard!

Involved in the events are, even if only marginally, a royal highness, a couple in love, half of the winegrowing village, Heidelbergers, Pfälzer, a few Americans, the police, the international press, the "raving reporter Hädwisch"... - and you!

Join us on this insane journey through time to the year 1957, starting in beautiful Heidelberg, to Schwetzingen and the Pfalz. Don't think that it will be a relaxing trip, because you will be right in the middle of the action, puzzling over what really happened back then and in the end you might find out that one of you is not so innocent...

Info and scope of services

What to expect: A more than entertaining day trip in a vintage bus, a walk through the Schwetzingen palace gardens, a small "cruise", an "airy" journey over the Palatinate Forest, food and drink at lunchtime, sparkling and still drinks for the road – and all this embedded in a turbulent interactive mystery play. Languages: This special tour works only in german Number of participants: Minimum 20 people / Maximum 24 people Price per person: 245,- Euro Participation by appointment only

Dates 2024

1 June
Bookable: according to availability.

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